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Microdermabrasion -

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The esthetician will like the components of our microdermabrasion section.

You'll especially enjoy the original hand made Simulated Microderm Handpiece, fogless glasses and the sunnies.

This microderm hand piece is designed to meet the new Az.State Board of Cosmetology's test requirements

as of Feb.2015.

The hand piece has a 4ft simulated tubing which is required for the esthetic practical exam.

Az. State Board of Cosmetology requires that you place the simulated tubing over your arm NOT around

your neck or on your shoulder.

This Microderm Handpiece, fogless goggles and the sunnies add a look of professionalism to this portion of the

exam. A must for your esthetic exam kit.

Gloves-Let us know what size >extra small,small,medium,large and extra large (Latex and Powder)
Orders placed outside the state of Arizona may occur additional shipping costs