Facial Mask and Your Esthetic Exam


Facial Mask

 In this section the student aesthetician will remove the mask from the container labeled mask and put it into the empty portion cup that's been provided.This way the student can double dip out of the unlabeled portion cup. 

The Az. State Board of Cosmetology does not want you to put the mask on the top of your hand while applying it to the client's face.

Meefees suggests using a lotion for the moisturizer and a mask that will glide easily over the mannequin's face. Avoid the eye area when applying the mask and if the brush you're using has a wooden handle it must be put into the “Trash” bag instead of “Items to be Disinfected” when your done. If the handle is plastic it needs to go into the “Items to be Disinfected” bag ( The Arizona State Board of Cosmetology requires you to do so.)

Orders placed outside the state of Arizona may occur additional shipping costs.