Welcome to Meefees Market

Here at Meefees Market we have taken the stress, burden and chore of putting an esthetic exam kit together into our hands and out of yours. We care about you and your success and that really matters.

Meefees is the only place where an esthetician can buy an Esthetician Exam Kit that meets the newest test requirements that the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology implemented in February 2015. 

Meefees Market is owned by an esthetics instructor with 20 plus years of experience in cosmetology and esthetics and has first hand knowledge and experience teaching esthetics and helping students assemble their exam kits.

We care so much at Meefees we give you choices. You can buy your kit complete or you can build your own.  We offer a place where you can shop for your kit without leaving your home or if your on the go and that's smart shopping.